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How To Wear A Denim Jacket For All Guys and Girls

Denim is a durable material that was initially used as a work clothing, but gradually jeans jackets became known as a relaxed fashion, and in the ’90s this jacket overgrew as a fashion trend

Although not as famous as a pair of jeans, denim jackets still have charisma because the subjective denim impression is considered more manly for the wearer.

This clothes that are easy and comfortable to wear.
But for some people who are not accustomed to wearing it needs to know how to get started from how to choose materials and models and trademarks that suit your financial needs and circumstances, how to pick this outfit with other appropriate clothing and how to take care to make it more durable.

Which denim should we consider to choose? Firstly we need to know what type of it then take a decision.

Types of Denim

1.Raw Denim

Raw Denim
Raw Denim


Denim raw materials, commonly known as dry denim.
The material is stiff and has a dark blue color, and also a distinctive luster, the old blue/indigo can also fade and set the raw faded in some places.

The denim characteristics of producing jeans that will create a distinctive style according to your custom folds and friction.

Denim raw is a classic trend of the past

However, lately, this trend is beginning to change and the golden era of raw jeans back. Also, many users are looking for a vintage denim display in their jeans.

How to wear and care for Raw Denim?

Within the first few months of use, wipe up to wet denim and folds and fade marks can expand to the maximum. When you finally wash your jeans, use fresh and cold water also a special detergent for dark colors, cover and let your jeans dry by itself.

Some people choose to accelerate the aging process of their jeans by searching for more prominent folds, with a variety of technique and their way of wearing it.

2.Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim
Selvedge denim

Selvedge denim is denim that has a characteristic because of its uniqueness. The edges are neat in the absence of loose threads. Made with one thread woven in the corner.

The cost of making it more expensive and takes a longer time in the process of creating than other types. Generally, the color of the spun yarn is brown, white and red.

The manufacturing process that takes a long time and the exclusive impression of this type feels more prominent so that the price is higher than others.

3.Stretch Denim

Stretch Jeans
Stretch Jeans

Stretch denim is a comfortable bending denim. To produce this type 2-3% spandex material is required, this material that makes the fabric flexible and allows the user free to move even in tight, This type is much preferred by women.

Spandek itself is estimated to begin in the 1950s and then started to enter the fashion industry.

Stretch models are generally applied to jeans and rarely found in jacket industries.

One disadvantage of the clutter of denim is vulnerable to damage, and this is inversely proportional to the standard denim which already has a strong characteristic.

The most common damage is easily loose fabric and is no longer as beautiful as new

4.Organic Denim

Organic Denim
Organic Denim


Organic denim is a type of material made from 100% organic cotton. Making organic denim, not using chemicals at all. To replace commonly use such as potato starch.

If you want a jacket with natural denim material without compound, this could be an option.
But if the price becomes a primary consideration, then this is not for you, because the rate is high compared to models that use a chemical in the manufacturing process.

5.Poly Denim

Poly Denim
Poly Denim

Poly denim looks like more stylish denim. Lightweight and easy to wash and dry. Comfortable to wear and maintain a professional appearance.

This fabric is more resistant to wrinkles. An appealing mixture for those who love the look of denim but prefer the easy to wash polyester mixture and quick drying out lighter and a bit more stylish.

6.Cotton Serge Denim

Cotton Serge Denim
Cotton Serge Denim

Serge cotton denim is often considered traditional. The ingredients are complete with cotton twill. Cotton is famous for its robust and tight.

7. Ramie Cotton Denim

Ramie Cottons Denim
Ramie Cottons Denim

The existence of flax fiber plants on denim material will make the resulting denim becomes more subtle than usual.

Because this denim made from a mixture of hemp fibers, these will generally have a higher resilience, tend to be strong, not soiled easily and quickly absorb water so that it becomes stronger when wet and will not lose shape even though it has been used for long periods of time.

Denim ramie material itself can be distinguished into the type of fabric material woven with fiber flax is a plant fiber commonly used as a mixture to reduce wrinkles and add a soft sparkle to the fabric.

8.Colored Denim

This is a kind of denim with a dyeing process, color denim can be an option for those who want a cheerful and bright personality appearance, vibrant and preferably feminine users.

Colored Denim
Colored Denim

9.Crushed denim

Denim that looks wrinkled and tangled permanently. This denim will shrink after passing through the washing process and to produce a better effect usually will be use bleach or rubbed with stones, to look natural.

10.Vintage denim

Vintage Denim
Vintage Denim


Vintage denim is a kind of denim that looks shabby and old. Denim is produced with the help of bleach or stone, and some models make it torn in such a way as to look more natural like denim that has been aged.

That was the ten most common denim types today.
By knowing the type and material of denim at least, we can determine which denim type we like most and also feel most suitable. It could be more than one choice.


Models, Price, and Brand of Denim

To get a denim jacket that suits what we want, the important thing to consider is choosing the model and brand, it is not difficult but also not as easy to say the word.

Many brands are already famous in the market but when you choose whether the model is by the desired?

And when it has found the model and brand that match the expectations of whether the price is still within financial reach?

A few things to consider before choosing and shopping for a coveted denim jacket.

1. Model

When selecting the right model of a denim jacket, Choose that suit for your body shape and your daily activities. If you include a petite woman, a cropped cut jeans jacket is the right choice.

Unlike if you are a worker who is required to appear neat all the time, try to wear a blazer model jeans/denim jacket for the professional impression is always attached in your appearance.

2. Color

Did you know that hair color affects the look of your denim jacket? For women who have black hair and brunettes should wear a dark jeans jacket too.

Likewise, with women who have bright hair color, choose a coat with more brilliant color.

3. Materials

Customize jeans materials with daily needs. If you only wear a stylish jeans jacket, it is better to choose a lightweight jacket material.

That way, you do not need to feel too hot when mixing match with other clothing. But if you are an active and traveling person, a thick jeans jacket can avoid you from the cold of your car, airplane and even wind when you ride a motorcycle.

4.Brand and Price

Well-known brands generally offer high quality.

But we also must know a big brand will give the price one level more expensive than brand newcomers even with the same quality.

I do not mean to direct you to buy goods that are not branded.

At least there are options to consider for those who have limited funds, choosing a quality that is the most important then consider from a famous brand.

If finance is not a problem, then choose branded clothing to boost your performance, so there is no longer the issue of selecting the right model and the best brand.

But if your finances are limited then check out buy to get a quality denim jacket but the price is affordable.

The big brands always promise the best quality guarantee.

But some companies are relatively new and have almost the same quality they offer below market price, which is their strategy to get customers.
And that is a way to get the best goods at affordable prices.


How to Combine Denim Jacket

So, how to combine the right composition when you want to style with a jeans jacket?

It turns out do not need a lot of accessories are attached.
When wearing a jeans jacket, the first thing to note is the clothes worn before the jacket or as a base layer.

And remember to choose the right composition of the denim jacket You need to take a look at what the event will be visited as a first consideration.

Whether a casual event near a house or a gathering with a friend in a cool place or maybe a more formal family event.

By knowing the initial thing, it will be easier to find the best composition of the pair of denim jackets.

For example, if we want to attend a casual event, then you need to choose clothes with lightweight material and have a simple cutting design, one of the safest options is a plain white T-shirt.

In addition to lightweight, a plain white T-shirt is also selected because basically, the jeans jacket works well as outerwear with a reasonably good thickness.

Meanwhile, for trousers you can set options on denim pants that are simple, and comfortable, you can be a mainstay choice of mix and match when stylish smart-casual wearing jeans jacket.

For accessories, you can choose a simple cap or stylish dark hat as your choice.

And lastly the footwear section. Light shoes or even enough with mountain slippers will be able to be used for casual occasions.

But if you want to attend a family event that seems more serious, then the choice is a shirt and dark trousers with black leather shoes can be a good choice.

Maybe you have a different perspective, but whatever the idea make sure to combine denim jackets according to the event itself.


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