Drying Jeans

How to Wash Jeans For the First Time

How to wash your jeans for the first time.

Many people suggest that jeans should not be washed too often to avoid the color fade and quickly shrink.

I include people who disagree with such opinion.

If we are an active outdoors category and prefer jeans as a favorite outfit, of course, should often wash jeans for hygiene reasons.

Even many people prefer to wash their jeans after they first buy it.

There is a reason why they wash even when new before the jeans are worn.

Washing jeans before wear will eliminate the distinctive smell of new clothes as well as reduce the chemical deposits attached to new jeans.

However, we must be careful to keep the first jeans to maintain quality by minimizing the fabric and shrinkage.

Carefully read the wash instructions of your jeans on the label inside your new jeans.

If the label is not found, then the following steps may as an option

1. Separate these different colored jeans to avoid faded trousers and transmit color to other jeans.


2. Soak with cold water for 10-15 minutes.

3. Use detergent without bleach so that pants do not fast fading.

4. Wash by hand will be much better to be more durable and the risk of shrinkage can be minimized compared to the washing machine.


How to Dry the Jeans

The cost-effective way is to dry the denim with solar energy. However, drying jeans in the sun will make the jeans fade and damage.
To avoid severe fading of jeans with the position inside out.

While drying the jeans with a drying machine will be more effective, but the weakness of drying with the machine will make quick denim pants shrink and make jeans continue to shrink.

To minimize the risk of shrinkage use a moderate level dryer.

Can also combine the second way of drying above.
Dry in the dryer for a while and then dry in the sun afterward.

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